Early Career Researchers

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The Early Career Researchers (ECR) Group of the Cold Regions Research Centre  (CRRC) is based at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU). Its purpose is to create greater awareness of the North and northern research, to advance the careers of students, PDFs and early-career professionals, and to encourage cooperation and links with other cold regions / northern research and training centres and organizations.  We meet multiple times throughout the year to discuss upcoming initiatives and exchange ideas with our peers.  We also plan student networking events, guest lectures, and the annual CRRC Days public meetings.  Questions, comments or requests may be sent to our email address ECR.WLU@gmail.com.  To keep updated on CRRC-ECR events, highlighted CRRC research, conferences, workshops, or any other student opportunities, be sure to follow us on twitter @ECR_WLU.


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