Dr. David Hik guest lecture March 27th

“Elevating and co-designing interdisciplinary mountain research in Canada: the Canadian Mountain Network.”

Where and when: Wilfrid Laurier University Paul Martin Centre 12:30 – 2 p.m.

PDF posterDrDavidHik_guest_lecture

David Hik’s research interests are focused on the ecology and dynamics of mountain and cold-region environments, impacts of climate change, and determinants of social-ecological resilience.  For the past 30 years his work has focused on boreal and alpine ecosystems in the Yukon Territory, Canada, and a few other places too.  He studied at Queen’s University (BSc), University of Toronto (MSc) and UBC (PhD), and was a PDF at the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization in Canberra, Australia.  Previously, he held the Canada Research Chair in Northern Ecology, was Executive Director of the Canadian International Polar Year Secretariat, and served as President of the International Arctic Science Committee. He is a recipient of the RCGS Martin Bergmann Medal for Excellence in Arctic Leadership & Science and recently received the Polar Medal (Canada).  Over the last two years he has co-created a new, massive open online course, “Mountains 101” (uab.ca/mountains), and is leading the development of an interdisciplinary research program for the new Canadian Mountain Network (canadianmountainnetwork.ca).


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