Annual Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union

The Annual Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union – Eastern Sections of Hydrology, Biogeosciences, and Earth Surface Processes is scheduled for Saturday, 7 February at the Paul Martin Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.

This meeting is a relaxed and peer-focussed forum for student researchers at all levels to present results of both preliminary and complete research projects related to broad subjects within the fields of hydrology, biogeosciences, and earth surface processes.  Short (~12 minute) oral presentations and poster presentations are encouraged from students attending this meeting.  Poster dimensions must not exceed 4 feet wide ×3 feet high. Please be aware that due to time-scheduling constraints we may have to designate some abstract submissions to either oral or poster format as required. Supervisors are very much encouraged to attend the meeting, although they may not present their research. CGU membership is not a requirement for participation at this meeting, but we always welcome new members. If interested in becoming a CGU member, please visit:

Registration for the meeting will be $30 (cash only) to be paid upon arrival at the conference. This will help to offset the cost of lunch, refreshments and other expenses. If you plan to drive to the conference, please consult the Laurier webpage ( for information on parking.

Agenda: CGU 2015 Agenda