The Cold Regions Research Centre is proud to present the 2014 Cold Regions Research Symposium

March 6, 2014, Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science, Wilfrid Laurier University

The Cold Regions Research Symposium is an opportunity for Laurier faculty and students working in the North to present and discuss their current or planned research.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Stephen A. Wolfe, Geological Survey of Canada

Lithalsa distribution, morphology and landscape associations in the Great Slave Lowland, Northwest Territories, Canada

Dr. Allice Legat, Former Roberta Bondar fellow, Trent University

Traditional Knowledge and Science: Is Integration the Answer?

Download the agenda: CRRC AGENDA

Student presentations:

Student Session 1
Name Program Title
Hilary White PhD – Geog Characterizing the influence of hydrological processes and climate change on shallow lakes in Wapusk National Park, western Hudson Bay Lowlands, Manitoba
Jenny Hickman MSc – Geog Seasonal Evolution of Active Layer Formation in Peat Plateaux and Implications for Shallow Groundwater Chemistry
Stacey Van Opstal MSc – Geog Exploring the role root networks have on seasonal ground thaw in the zone of discontinuous permafrost
Anthony Todd BA – Geog Examining the Effect of Thaw Polygons as Conduits for the Transport of Nutrients to Lakes, Mackenzie Delta Uplands, NWT
Emily Haughton MSc – Geog Examining the role of tree and shrub canopies on controlling the spatial distribution of snowmelt.
Student Session 2
Shailyn Drukis BA – Env Wildlife in Cumulative Effects Assessment: Addressing Needs and Processes in the Southwest Yukon
Stephanie Roy BA – Geog Paleolimnological Reconstruction of a Thermokarst Lake in Wapusk National Park
Ana Sniderhan PhD – Geo Growth patterns of black spruce in the Northwest Territories
Jon Gordon MSc – Geo Changing MeHg dynamics on degrading permafrost landscapes
Allison McManus MSc -Bio Implications of galling herbivory on shrub energy balance and shrub-soil heat transfers within Canada’s northern boreal permafrost plateaus
Student Session 3
Gord McNickle Banting Post Doc Games in the boreal forest: understanding forest dynamics with evolutionary game theory
Bhaleka Persaud PhD – Geog Climate Extreme Impacts on Hydrology in the Liard River Basin
Andrew Spring PhD – Geo Food Security in the NWT
Greg Lynch BSc – Bio Growth responses of Larix laricina under recent climate warming in boreal peatlands of NWT
Pieter Aukes PhD – Earth Sci (UW) Characterizing dissolved organic matter from a permafrost continuum and implications for drinking water quality
Fereidoun Rezanezhad Post Doc (UW) Effects of hydrologic conditions on the biogeochemical processes

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